WorldatWork’s 2024 Total Rewards Conference


We can’t wait to see you at WorldatWork’s 2024 Total Rewards’24 Conference in Cincinnati. Stop by the RedCAT Systems booth and attend our session with Instacart to hear about the latest trends in people-centered performance and pay.

How Instacart Demystifies Compensation Planning for Managers and Rewards ResultsMonday, May 20 – 11:45am ET

Innovative approaches to compensation planning require more than a simple merit matrix. But adding too many metrics and formulas can easily overwhelm managers and confuse employees. In this session, you’ll hear about Instacart’s journey to educate and engage managers and maintain a clear focus on rewarding results. Chad Atwell, of RedCAT Systems joins Mia White and Justine Sundstrom, of Instacart to provide their perspectives on rewarding employees for their contributions, simplifying manager decision-making, and promoting transparent pay practices.

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